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• 11/19/2017

Automatic redirect for protected titles

Hey guys!

Not sure if anyone will see this but might as well post here. Does anyone know which setting automatically redirects protected titles (after FastDeleteProtect is used) to the "Why was my question redirected here"? It doesn't seem to link the protected titles to that page anymore for some reason.
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• 5/7/2014

Blog:Recent posts

Hey everyone! I'm just wondering if Blog:Recent_posts is messing up on your wikis, because it is on DWA. I'm just curious to know if it's a DWA problem or an answers wiki "quirk". Either way, I've sent a bug report to Wikia, but it would be good to know, and if it is an all answers wiki thing, I'll keep you updated on what Wikia says in reply to my message.
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• 8/4/2013


What does your wiki do regarding questions-that-aren't? You know, questions without an interrogative word. Do you delete them, redirect them to a central "Why was my question redirected here?" page, or do you just answer them with as much info as possible?
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• 6/28/2013

Ask bar vs Search bar‏

This was a question I sent to Wikia, not realising that Answers was a deprecated platform and they were no longer supporting it. (Although it was good of them to reply to tell me so.) I'll copy the whole thing, so if any of you guys have any ideas, that'd be great.
Hi, I was wondering if there may be a way for the Search bar on an Answers wiki, such as, to be as prevalent and obvious as the Ask bar. Many people who ask questions here at Fable Answers are likely to find their question has already been asked if they take the time to use Search. But the Ask box is so obvious, the Search bar aeems to be overlooked.
Or, perhaps, would it be possible for the Ask bar to function as a Search bar in the first instance, and then give the option to ask the entered question if no results provide the answer? For example, say there exists an answer "How do I open the door in Brightwood", and someone enters in the Ask box "How do you open the Brightwood door". This may be the same question, but worded differently. I realise we can redirect the question if it is the same, but with dozens of questions coming in each day, it would be beneficial if the site was able to recognise common terms in existing answers asked in new questions, and present them to the asker, so that our editors can focus on answering questions which are actually new, and not spend time redirecting questions which already exist.
Since they are no longer actively changing it (Tim Quievryn said this was one of the "fatal flaws of the Answers wikis"), I doubt they'd have much of an issue with trying to improve it, as long as it doesn't violate ToU.
I have Tim's full reply if you're interested in seeing it.
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• 6/23/2013

Making this place more official

Before Monday, I'm going to send a message through special:contact to Wikia telling them about this wiki and asking about making a connection to Community Central to get more visibility and traffic and maybe even staff help to this place. Is there anything specific you think I should add?
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• 12/22/2013

Tools & Extensions

I've got 3 tools and 2 extensions you guys may like.
First, the extensions.
The first extension is called TitleBlacklist. It's a list of words or letters you cannot use while asking questions. I do not know if it's enabled by default, but here's a list of words we have at Wikianswers:

#<!-- leave this line exactly as it is --> <pre>

# This is a list of 'blacklist' titles. Changes here will affect all page titles on this Wikia only.
# Syntax:
# - Everything from a "#" character to the end of the line is a comment
# - Every non-blank line is a regex fragment which will match page names
# - Be default, all regex is case insensitive; this may be removed by putting
# <casesensitive> after the expression
# see also MediaWiki:BadWords

###Well, all questions are required to be worded like questions...###

^[A-Z0-9_]*$ <casesensitive>



###Non-English words and characters###

^Uri ng
Panahon bago
Ibat-? ?ibang
sa tula


Another extension is DPL. It is used to find questions from a regex.
Next: Tools
Annihiliate.js This tool will delete AND protect tons of questions from a list of pages. It is useful with DPL.
Gadget-HotCat.js This tool is used to manage easier categories on pages. One click add, one click remove, easy as that!
FastDeleteProtect.js This tool makes buttons near the edit button to delete AND protect questions.
To use with FastDeleteProtect:
Those are the buttons to add with the import (You can customize them, ofc):

// Variables (Auto delete & delete and protect)
var fdButtons = [];
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Vandalism',
'label': 'V'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Spam',
'label': 'S'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Junk',
'label': 'J'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Opinion',
'label': 'O'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Non-English',
'label': 'Ѭ'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Not a question',
'label': 'NQ'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Homework',
'label': 'HW'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Clean-up',
'label': 'C↑'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Too broad/not enough detail',
'label': 'B'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Unused',
'label': 'U'
fdButtons[fdButtons.length] = {
'summary': 'Violation of Wikias terms of use (pornography, advertisement, etc.)',
'label': 'ToU'

// Import for Delete & Delete and Protect buttons
if (wgNamespaceNumber == 0) {
importScriptPage('User:The Mol Man/FastDeleteProtect.js', 'a');
} else {
importScriptPage('FastDelete/code.js', 'dev');

Thanks! Hope this is useful!
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• 6/16/2013


Hello whoever replays to this. How do you guys get activity for your answers wikis. Please tell me as a wiki I edit on needs more activity as the only frequent ones are myself and a few others.Wolf Screech20px(That's a knife!) 19:50, June 16, 2013 (UTC)
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• 6/16/2013

Anon users

What does your wiki do about anon users? Do you have them as a large part of your editing family, or do you block them from your wiki to avoid potential vandalism? Have you found anons to be beneficial or detrimental to your wiki? Discuss bellow.
Personally, on Doctor Who Answers, most of our editors are regular IP users. In fact, the user with the IP address which usually starts with 89 is probably one of the site's best editors. Because most IP addresses don't change too much, many of our IPs act sort of pseudo registered, with their identity being known via the first few numbers of their IP. These IP editors have definitely been an addition to the site. DWA would be dead without them.
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• 6/16/2013

Abuse filter - Resolved

Since the abuse filter does not work on answers sites and Wikia won't fix it, we made our own abuse filter.
Here's the code:
You just need to change var badwords.

;(function ($, document) {
'use strict';
$(function () {
if (!$('#article_textarea')) {
document.getElementsByTagName('form')[1].onsubmit = function onsubmit(event) {
var badwords = /\barse\b|\barsehole\b|\bass\b|\bassbag\b|\bassbandit\b|\bassbanger\b|\bassbite\b|\bassclown\b|\basscock\b|\basscracker\b|\basses\b|\bassface\b|\bassfuck\b|\bassfucker\b|\bassgoblin\b|\basshat\b|\basshead\b|\basshole\b|\basshopper\b|\bassjacker\b|\basslick\b|\basslicker\b|\bassmunch\b|\bassmuncher\b|\basspirate\b|\bassshole\b|\basswipe\b|\bbampot\b|\bbastard\b|\bbeaner\b|\bbitch\b|\bbitchass\b|\bbitchtits\b|\bbitchy\b|\bblow job\b|\bblowjob\b|\bboner\b|\bbrotherfucker\b|\bbullshit\b|\bbumblefuck\b|\bbutt plug\b|\bbutt-pirate\b|\bbuttfucka\b|\bbuttfucker\b|\bcamel toe\b|\bcarpetmuncher\b|\bchinc\b|\bchoad\b|\bchode\b|\bclitface\b|\bclitfuck\b|\bcockbite\b|\bcockface\b|\bcockfucker\b|\bcockknoker\b|\bcockmaster\b|\bcockmongler\b|\bcockmongruel\b|\bcockmonkey\b|\bcockmuncher\b|\bcockshit\b|\bcocksmith\b|\bcocksmoker\b|\bcocksucker\b|\bcoochie\b|\bcoochy\b|\bcoon\b|\bcooter\b|\bcum\b|\bcumbubble\b|\bcumjockey\b|\bcumtart\b|\bcunt\b|\bcunthole\b|\bdeggo\b|\bdickbag\b|\bdickbeaters\b|\bdickface\b|\bdickfuck\b|\bdickhead\b|\bdickhole\b|\bdickmonger\b|\bdickweasel\b|\bdickweed\b|\bdickwod\b|\bdipshit\b|\bdookie\b|\bdouche-fag\b|\bdouchebag\b|\bdouchewaffle\b|\bdumass\b|\bdumb ass\b|\bdumbass\b|\bdumbfuck(|er)(|s)\b|\bdumbshit\b|\bdumshit\b|\bfagbag\b|\bfagfucker\b|\bfaggit\b|\bfaggot(|s)\b|\bfagtard\b|\bfatass\b|\bfellatio\b|\bfeltch\b|\bflamer\b|\bfuck\b|\bfuckass\b|\bfuckbrain\b|\bfuckbutt\b|\bfucked\b|\bfucker\b|\bfuckface\b|\bfuckhead\b|\bfuckhole\b|\bfuckin\b|\bfucking\b|\bfucknut\b|\bfucks\b|\bfuckstick\b|\bfucktard\b|\bfuckup\b|\bfuckwad\b|\bfuckwit\b|\bfuckwitt\b|\bfudgepacker\b|\bgaybob\b|\bgaydo\b|\bgayfuck\b|\bgayfuckist\b|\bgaytard\b|\bgaywad\b|\bgoddamn\b|\bgoddamnit\b|\bgooch\b|\bgook\b|\bgringo\b|\bguido\b|\bhandjob\b|\bheeb\b|\bhomo\b|\bhomodumbshit\b|\bhonkey\b|\bhumping\b|\bjackass\b|\bjap\b|\bjerk off\b|\bjigaboo\b|\bjizz\b|\bjungle bunny\b|\bjunglebunny\b|\bkike\b|\bkooch\b|\bkootch\b|\bkyke\b|\blesbo\b|\blezzie\b|\bmcfagget\b|\bminge\b|\bmothafucka\b|\bmotherfucker\b|\bmotherfucking\b|\bmuff\b|\bmuffdiver\b|\bmunging\b|\bnegro\b|\bnigga\b|\bnigger\b|\bniglet\b|\bnut sack\b|\bnutsack\b|\bpaki\b|\bpanooch\b|\bpecker\b|\bpeckerhead\b|\bpenisfucker\b|\bpiss\b|\bpoon\b|\bpoonani\b|\bpoonany\b|\bporch monkey\b|\bporchmonkey\b|\bpunanny\b|\bpunta\b|\bpussylicking\b|\bputo\b|\bqueef\b|\bqueer\b|\bqueerbait\b|\bqueerhole\b|\brenob\b|\brimjob\b|\bruski\b|\bsand nigger\b|\bsandnigger\b|\bschlong\b|\bscrote\b|\bshit\b|\bshitbagger\b|\bshitcunt\b|\bshitdick\b|\bshitface\b|\bshitfaced\b|\bshithead\b|\bshithole\b|\bshithouse\b|\bshitspitter\b|\bshitstain\b|\bshitter\b|\bshittiest\b|\bshitting\b|\bshitty\b|\bshiz\b|\bshiznit\b|\bskank\b|\bskeet\b|\bskullfuck\b|\bslut\b|\bslutbag\b|\bsnatch\b|\bspic\b|\bspick\b|\bsplooge\b|(lick|suck)(| )(your|my)( | own)(dick|butt|ass|cock|penis|pussy|cunt|clit|nut)|\btard\b|\bthundercunt\b|\btit\b|\btitfuck\b|\btits\b|\btittyfuck\b|\btwat\b|\btwatlips\b|\btwats\b|\btwatwaffle\b|\bva-j-j\b|\bvag\b|\bvjayjay\b|\bwank\b|\bwetback\b|\bwhore\b|\bwhorebag\b|\bwop\b|\bхуя\b|\bpabula\b/i,
answer = document.getElementById('article_textarea').value;
if (answer.match(badwords)) {
window.alert("Please do not add bad words into questions!");
} else {
return handleEditForm(this);
}(this.jQuery, this.document));
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• 6/16/2013


Does your answers wiki use achievements? Have you found it a good way to encourage good editing? Has it maybe encouraged more vandalism? Would you recommend their use to other answers wikis. Tell your experience bellow.
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• 6/15/2013

200 pages in a category

As you may have noticed, categories on answers wikis won't let you see more than 200 pages or subcategories on their category pages. See here for an example. On that page, as you can see, there are more than 200 subcategories and by default the first 200 in the alphabet are shown. There is also a button which says that it will let you see the next 200 subcategories. However, clicking that button does absolutely nothing, still showing those same first 200 subcategories. Another example here using pages. Well over 200 pages in that category on that wiki (as can be seen in numerous other spots, including most users contributions lists), yet it says there are only 200 answered questions and there is no way to see more. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
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• 6/15/2013

Create a page about your wiki!

Create a page about your answers wiki and put it in Category:Wikis. Talk about your subject, your setup, your user-base... Anything you think would be interesting to other people checking out your wiki. Have fun, add screenshots, advertise ferociously on that page! Make sure you link to the actual wiki though. Also, has to be an answers wiki because, well, this is a wiki dedicated to answers wikis!
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• 6/14/2013

What kinds of policies do you have?

Every wiki needs policies of some kind to function properly and to not fall into chaos. Yet wikis do their policies in different ways. From short guidelines on the front page to pages of policies written out in full detail and everything in between. What kind of policies do your wikis have? Do you have a detailed, wordy description of every one, or do you prefer to follow the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)? Do you prefer to have lots of rules that are well laid out, or do you prefer having people use their common sense to decide what is write and wrong? Have you even thought much about it? How has this helped your wiki do you think? Would you recommend it to other answers wikis?
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• 6/14/2013

The answers wiki/normal wiki connections

Many of the answers sites out there are based on a topic which is also covered by a normal style wiki. Some answers wikis are very closely connected to their normal wiki counterparts, being considered an extension of that site, yet others decide to be completely separate with no connections whatsoever. What do you do on your wiki? What benefits have you found from working this way?
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• 6/15/2013

Wiki created

The Central Answers wiki has been created.
Any questions, suggestions or errors you see can be reported in the forums.
Jr Mime
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