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Wikianswers was the first wiki and answers site that Wikia ever on November 2, 2004. It now has more than 4,000,000 edits and 750,000 questions with only 30% answered. Wikianswers focuses on everything in general.

Wikianswers was revived at the start of 2009 with new features to make it easier to ask, answer, and discover questions. During 2009, lots of new questions were asked via a Wikianswers widget that appeared across thousands of Wikia sites.

Wikianswers Network Edit

Auto Answers Edit

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Adoption date: 18 June 2013
Auto Answers

Club Penguin Answers Edit

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Adoption date: N/A
Club Penguin Answers

Computers Answers Edit

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Adoption date: February 15 2013
Computers Answers

Grand Theft Answers Edit

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Adoption date: N/A
Grand Theft Answers

Legal Answers Edit

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Adoption date: March 21 2013
Legal Answers

Lyrics Answers Edit

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Adoption date: N/A
Lyrics Answers

Pets Answers Edit

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Adoption date: 28 June 2013
Pets Answers

Psychology Answers Edit

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Adoption date: N/A
Psychology Answers

RuneScape Answers Edit

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Adoption date: N/A
RuneScape Answers

South Park Answers Edit

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Adoption date: June 8 2013
South Park Answers

Star Wars Answers Edit

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Adoption date: N/A
Star Wars Answers

Transformers Answers Edit

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Adoption date: 28 June 2013
Transformers Answers

Wikianswers Xbox Edit

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Adoption date: January 30 2012
Xbox Answers

Wikianswers World Edit

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Adoption date: N/A
Wikianswers World

Wikiréponses Edit

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Adoption date: N/A

WikiRespostas Edit

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Adoption date: N/A

WikiSagot Edit

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Adoption date: N/A